Accelerating the Adoption of

With over 30 years of experience as national payment system provider including SKNBI, a critical national payment system with very high availability, PT Murni introduces SMARTGATEWAY™ to ensure faster, easier, and more cost-effective BI-FAST implementation for every participant – both Banks and non-Bank financial institutions.

With BI-FAST being a critical national payment system that must be implemented by all participants, Banks as the main participants are required to prepare all the necessary solution and infrastructure as soon as possible.
Considering the very limited timeframe, selecting the right solution provider with proven expertise in national payment system becomes the key to successful and hassle-free BI-FAST implementation.

Entering the New Digital Payment Era with Ease

SMARTGATEWAY™ is the bridge that connects your system with Bank Indonesia’s system.

Reliable and proven workable to perform real-time and straight through payment processing, SMARTGATEWAY™ enables participants to save cost, time, and effort by being so smart, adaptable, and scalable – ensure no to minimum modification on internal system while also highly flexible to accommodate the needs of other digital payment system.

The Main Features of

BI-Fast Payment

Ready-to-use Solution

The answer to critical projects with limited timeframe

Beyond an ordinary middleware application, SMARTGATEWAY™ requires zero to minimal modification on the participants’ part.

It also supports various transaction channels & payment systems, making it flexible enough to adapt with current SKNBI format.

BI-Fast Payment

Seamless Integration with Multiple Host System

Speed up BI-FAST implementation even further

SMARTGATEWAY™ supports various integration methods via different type of interface such as Web Service, API, MQ, Database, and SFTP. It accommodates BI-FAST account inquiry & proxy address as well.

BI-Fast Payment

Flexible and Holistic Solution

Ready to support your business in the long run

SMARTGATEWAY™ does not only facilitate BI-FAST and SKNBI, but also other digital payment systems such as RTGS, bulk payment, SWIFT – all in compliance with ISO20022 payment standards.

BI-Fast Payment

Real-time Dashboard Monitoring and Alert Notification

Get real-time view of transaction status in one quick glance

Trace the status and flow of each transaction easily. The automatic SMS or email notification to authorized users also ensures that you will be aware and react quickly to manage any error or unusual transactions.

BI-Fast Payment

Secure Data Validation and Encryption

Protect sensitive data by maximising security

Ensure data accuracy by validating the outgoing and incoming transactions. Even more, all of the data can be transferred, stored, and encrypted in the database to prevent malicious attempt to access sensitive data.

BI-Fast Payment

Comprehensive Reporting and Audit Trail

Improve traceability and transparency of all transactions

Get scheduled and ad-hoc reporting of all transactions with automatic delivery. Audit trail of transaction flow, process, and status is also available for more effective risk management in critical and fully digital national payment system.

The Key Benefits of

BI-Fast Payment

Cut down the cost, time, and process required for BI-FAST implementation

BI-Fast Payment

Quick problem solving with higher visibility of transactions’ information in real-time

BI-Fast Payment

Optimum investment with compatibility to support other payment systems and future needs

BI-Fast Payment

Maximum data security and accuracy

BI-Fast Payment

More effective risk management with traceable process

BI-Fast Payment

Maximum up time guarantee to support 24/7 and real-time processing

Why choose PT Murni?

BI-Fast - PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara

Trusted by Bank Indonesia since 1992 until Now

Solution provider of various national payment systems, from SOKL (Sistem Otomasi Kliring Lokal) to SKNBI (Sistem Kliring Nasional Bank Indonesia).

BI-Fast - PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara

30+ Years of Experience as Solution Provider

Trusted partner of majority of Banks and major corporate clients across sectors.


Proven Expertise in Critical, National Payment System Projects

We are able to deliver the projects within very tight timeframe and maintain their continuity without any issue.


In-House Software Development and System Integration Team

We can quickly cater to clients’ specific business needs or integrations, ensuring cost effectiveness and easy access to direct support.

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Our expert consultants are ready to help you.

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